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Black Nikkormat: FT3 serial- number prefix image by John Laughlin ( Image rights ) This camera, released as the Nikomat FT3 in Japan, was released as the Nikkormat FT3 elsewhere. Meter was now powered with a 1. The Earliest and Latest serial numbers are from lenses I have seen.

The shutter selector, as well as the ASA/ ISO selector are placed around the lens mount. This is Nikon Imaging Website. The very first serial number wasand upon Japanese publications the last serial number wasPeter Braczko, Nikon Pocket Book, July 1994, page 4- 7: « The last serial numbers of the Nikon F production arein chrome andin black finish. First mechanical Nikkormat with a built- in hot shoe for flash. ” The Nikkormat FT was soon replaced by the FTn, followed by the FT- 2 and, finally, the FT3. This web site documents my Nikon F collection and is trying to show the evolution of the Nikon F System.
This site is made out 15. Chrome Nikon Nikkormat FTN SLR film camera; body only, no lens by Nikon. Find great deals on eBay for nikon serial number. Download the nikkormat latest Nikon NikomatNikkormat) FS device driversOfficial, Certified). ) is even better than that of the Nikon F. Would anyone have a manufacturing date for this camera?

Vintage 1960' s Nikon Nikkormat FT SLR Camera Body Serial Number 3142157. Essentially it is an FTN with some added features. If the FTN serial numbers started with 3500001, then this would be the 851, 428th FTN manufactured. View and Download Nikon Nikomat ( Nikkormat) FS manual online.

5MB with 478 items ( Jpeg, Gif, PDF & HTML files) ( Last Update: 25th May 1999) W A R N I N G : The New G- SERIES Nikkor lenses have no aperture ring on the lens, they CANNOT ADJUST APERTURES with certain AI- spec manual focus Nikkormat series SLR camera models;. Lenses, no problem - bodies, forget it : frown:! There are the FT, FTn, FT2 and FT3. Differentiated from previous FT models by FT2 xxxxxxx Serial# stamped on left shoulder top plate, instead of FT xxxxxxx. Find great deals on eBay for nikon camera serial numbers. FILTERS Nikon filters are supp.

Photo posts must include the Nikon body and lens used to take. Start and End serial numbers are from Nikon Ai conversion lists, service manuals, catalogues and various books. FTn’ s have an “ N” above the display.

Nikon nikkormat ft serial numbers. Nikon P530 Serial Number with tape Replacement Part DH550. Side comes opposite the black index numbers from 1 to sent the. Nikkormat FTn: A competent companion for the consumer.
Six years down the line, Nikon introduced the Nikkormat FT, which quickly became known as the “ poor man’ s Nikon F. The Nikkormat FT is the first Nikon SLR where the film advance lever is also the exposure meter switch! Mine is a Nikon El2, a Nikkormat in all but name. Find great deals on eBay for nikon serial numbers. 55V silver oxide battery; 357/ SR44/ S76- type. Mechanical Nikkormats are the FT,.

As a learner' s camera, this final version of the FT- series Nikkormat is unbeatable. Sellers with highest buyer ratings; Returns, money back. Identifying a Nikkormat. " FT2" - prefixed serial number. FTN' s were first produced in 1967 and production ceased in 1975.
Nov 10, · steve_ levine. The 3, xxx, xxx have the shutter lock integrated with the wind lever, which also is the meter switch, like on the Nikkormats and the F2. " The Nikon Club of Great Britain", pamphlet. The meter is center- weighted, about 60- 40 towards the middle, and very accurate and easy to work with. Nikkormat FTN serial numbers? Nikkormat Serial Numbers.
The EL2, although it still has the trade name, Nikkormat/ Nikomat, has changed the emblem to " Nikon" instead. Nikkormat Photography Guide" booklet. , users of Classic Nikon cameras When i first. Before, the FT2, Nikon produced the FT, FS and FTN.
The serial number is in theseries, which according to my Nikon compendium book, makes the camera a definite FT2 from early 1975! The difference between the serial numbers is that the ones in the 2, xxx, xxx range have the shutter lock around the shutter release. Unlike the meter on the more or less contemporary electronic Nikon EL2, the Nikkormat FT3 still uses the older.
According to Braczko, the serial numbers for the FTN began with 3500001, while the FT began withand the FT2 withso your serial number appears to fit the FTN run). Sellers with highest buyer ratings; Returns, money back;. Save nikon camera serial numbers to get e- mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.

Can I use the serial number to date my Nikkormat. The FTn was an improved version of the FT that was introduced a couple of years earlier. The Nikomat FT2 ( in Japan) or Nikkormat FT2 ( elsewhere) is the last of the pre- AI mechanical- shutter Nikomat/ Nikkormat bodies, sold 1975– 1977.

Serial numbers start at 3100001. So I think my father has either forgotten that he upgraded an FT to an FT2 ten years later in 1975, or. As far as I know: All Nikkormat ( and other Nikon bodies) serial numbers run consecutively in a given series. The story of Nikon begun in.

EBay Logo: Shop by category. Vintage 1960' s Nikon Nikkormat FT SLR Camera. Nikon F Camera Bodies. The Nikkormat FT was an all- metal, mechanically ( springs, gears, levers) controlled, manual focus SLR with match- needle exposure control, manufactured in Japan from 1965 to 1967. They help confirm the Start and End numbers or indicate the range where the Start and End numbers are unknown.

The FT used " Whole Average Metering", but the FT N applied " Center- Weighted Metering". The Nikkormat EL should be more immediately recognizable as such! Discussion in ' Film Cameras - All Brands' started by Naboo32, Jan 12,. The FS was replaced by the FT which had mirror lock. Daniel I thought it would be very simple to find a Nikon guide to serial numbers, The FT3 started at. The model proceeds the serial number which is located below the top plate meter display.

Aperture indexing is semi- automatic on the FT2. As asister' of the nikkormat Nikon F, F2 cameras, Nikkormat FTn was based upon the basic body of the original Nikkormat FT,. Serial numbers of the Nikkormat EL start at 5100001. After an hour of work my Nikkormat FT is now as good as new, and I´ ve just shot a testfilm with it: o) I really.

As a " sister" of the Nikon F and F2 cameras, Nikkormat FTn was based upon the basic body of the original Nikkormat FT, the camera has been widely used by professionals and advanced amateurs the world over during those days as a back up bodies to the professional F body. Nikon nikkormat ft serial numbers. As said earlier, it will be much easier to use the first model, in this case, the Nikkormat EL to go through all the basic features/ specifications and see the differences in the later upgrades. NHS forum for collectors, lenses. Sep 11, · Nikkormat FT2 Bemused! For identification among the rest of Nikkormats is quite easy, a " FT" precedes the serial number on the camera body' and the letter " N" is inscribed next to the film rewind knob and above the light meter window on the top of the camera.

Nikon F- mount; Focal- plane shutter with vertical travel;. Not a real success story in the beginning of the 60ties. Nikkormat FT Nikon and the consumer market.

The Nikkormat FT2 was the fourth camera body in the Nikkormat series. Are any Nikon users out there able to tell me what the camera is? Left side comes opposite the black index numbers from ft 1 to sent the. Moving the wind lever to its stand- off position turns the meter on. The Nikkormat ELW is identical to the EL model but it has a possibility to place a winder ( AW- 1). Of Nikon' s Nikkormat Series cameras.

The FT started at. Amateur models moved from Nikkormat to the Nikon name. The Nikkormat FT nikon is the first Nikon SLR where the film advance lever is also the exposure meter switch. There used to be a myth that the serial numbers corresponded to year of manufacture of Nikon F cameras. Initially, with the Nikon TTL metering system, a condenser lens in front of light sensor prevented light from viewfinder eyepiece from affecting the exposure. 写真ギャラリー Solaris( ソラリス) 16, 490 views.
Serial Number Range: Nikon F. Tim Rogers Photo. The Nikomat FT2 ( in Japan) or Nikkormat FT2 ( elsewhere) is the last of the pre- AI mechanical- shutter Nikomat/ Nikkormat bodies,. Nikon/ Nikkor F Serial Numbers and Production Dates. The FT, which came out in 1965, was the first generation. Spotmatic and Canon’ s FT series.

フィルムカメラの使い方】 35mmフィルム一眼レフへのフィルムの入れ方・ 出し方 - Duration: 2: 43. Nikkormat FT dates from July 1965 - August 1967 with serial numbers starting atNikkormat EL was made between November 1972 and May 1977 with serials startingNikkormat FT2 was produced between March 1975 and mid 1977 with serials beginning 5000001. So I think my father has either forgotten that he upgraded an FT to an FT2 ten years later in 1975,.

Center- Weighted Metering was featured in the Nikon F Photomic TN released in the same year. Save nikon camera serial number to get e- mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Nikkormat ELW + Nikon EL2. Jul 30, · The Nikon SLR Serial Number/ Date Thread. Regards and Thanks, Dave.

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The receipt is definetly for a Nikkormat, 1965! Of both the black and chrome versions some 500, 000 bodies each were produced. I suspect mid- 1970s, but it would be nice to have a more accurate date.
Skip to main content. The FS in my collection was the. Matching Serial Numbers EXC+. The Nikon F camera was produced between March 1959 and October 1973. I found and bought a Nikkormat FTN with f 1: 2 50mm lens at a photography shop in Portland, ME two days ago and was reading the comments on Serial Numbers - mine is FT 4351429.

FT serial numbers start at FT3100001, FS at FS7400001, and FTN serial numbers begin with FT3500001 and there should be a capital N positioned above the exposure display window according to the Nikon Pocket Book, Second Edition. Nikon/ Nikkor F Serial Numbers,. So the camera is actually branded " Nikomat" instead of " Nikkormat. The flash synchronization ( 1/ 125 sec. OK, this is a long shot, but I have tried really hard ( without success) to find an online source for dating Nikon camera bodies. The Nikkorex F produced by Mamiya was too far away from the SLR flagship Nikon F.

Higher serial numbers up to 7464xxx are found on spare part top covers. Simplified version of the Nikomat FT without an exposure meter or mirror look- up.

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